IP-Internet Services

Internet Access

As your business grows, so does your dependency on the Internet for access to real-time business applications which demand faster and more efficient connectivity to the Internet. More importantly, your business requires always-on connectivity.

AT&T offers you a selection from multiple options for Internet connectivity for ease of use for accessing your critical business applications.

AT&T’s Internet Access services, provide you with high-speed dedicated access, global reach, optimal performance and security. Access is provided via a dedicated circuit of pre-subscribed bandwidth between two or more of your locations. AT&T reserves this circuit for your exclusive use for voice, data, video and multimedia, so you can safeguard sensitive or confidential information over dedicated access services ranging from DS1 (1.544 Mbps) to OC-12 (622.08 Mbps).

AT&T’s Internet Access services are designed to meet a variety of business needs such as connecting your telecommuters and branch offices, providing remote access to your WAN environment, and faster transfer of large amounts of data over the Internet.

No matter what size business you run, from small business to large corporations, AT&T has an Internet Access option to meet your unique demands for high-speed, dedicated Internet Access.

AT&T Managed Internet Service

Your business uses the Internet for many critical operations – electronic commerce, e-mail, remote access productivity and much more. With AT&T Managed Internet Service, you get high speed, dedicated internet access with the features you need to stay connected to your customers, business partners and employees. AT&T Managed Internet Service is no ordinary internet connection. You get, reliability you can count on, optimal performance, scalability and business security features from one of the world’s leading service providers.

• Access Speeds: T1 – 10 Gbps* • Access Types: Ethernet and Private Line • Service Components: Customer Premises Equipment (router, modem and CSU/DSU), Hardware Management, Monitoring and Maintenance, Primary and Secondary IP Addresses, Packet Filtering, Usage Reports, Local Access, Electronic Servicing Capabilities • Options: Business Voice Applications, Usage-Based Billing, Class of Service, Security Solutions, Managed Redundancy Options

VPN Services

AT&T virtual private networks (VPN) connect people and applications anywhere, anyhow regardless of physical location or access type. Offering you enterprise-class scalability, they reach across multiple IP-based infrastructures, and exhibit performance and security characteristics traditionally found only in dedicated private networks.

AT&T’s global networking services range from individual components to tailored end-to-end solutions. Choose the customized network design with the level of management you require, based on your specific business applications.

AT&T’s network-based VPN solutions provide you with the maximum control and flexibility over your network performance. Utilizing Multi-protocol Label Switching (MPLS), AT&T’s network-based VPNs offer globally—consistent access to corporate information inside the office, as well as to mobile and remote workers, regardless of device. You have the ability to prioritize your traffic using classes of service.

Providing any-to-any connectivity and the flexibility to support voice, video and data applications on a single network, these solutions offer an efficient, scalable way to incorporate legacy and leading edge applications into the network.

AT&T’s premises-based VPNs give you peace of mind by securing your data transmissions among headquarters, branch offices and mobile workers.

Building upon your current investments, AT&T provides you dedicated broadband and remote access solutions for your connection to the AT&T Global Network or Internet. Intelligent devices such as firewalls or VPN tunnel terminators are added to your enterprise edge, and a connection is established by programming the appropriate levels of network security, user access control and bandwidth prioritization.

AT&T’s premises-based VPN solutions utilize IPSec (Internet Security Protocol) or SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) to prevent data tampering and help ensure the confidentiality, integrity and authenticity of your data communications.

AT&T Remote Access Services enable integration of wireline and wireless access as an extension of existing enterprise infrastructures. Whether the end-user is a remote worker, a traveling user or an extended member within your business model, Remote Access Services provide access to corporate information and applications on the fly.

Through the use of AT&T’s Global Network Client, with an easy and simple, single logon, the user’s experience is as flexible and high performing for the remote worker as for those directly on the corporate network. In addition, the AT&T Global Network Client provides end-user control of access selection and corporate control over who gains access to specified corporate infrastructure applications – both domestically and throughout most of the world.