Data Networking Services

Local and National

Private lines are your network workhorse. You have applications that simply need highly reliable, dedicated bandwidth and private line services deliver. It doesn’t matter if your bandwidth needs are large or small and if your locations are across town or around the globe – AT&T has a private line solution that works for your business. And you can get the superior network quality and helpful support you expect from AT&T.

  • No Sharing Required. Private line service gives you a dedicated connection. That means your bandwidth isn’t on a shared facility like it can be when using other services such as frame relay and IP VPNs. This can also help improve response times by reducing latency.
  • Your Business, Your Solution. Choose from speeds ranging from 9.6 Kbps all the way up to 10 Gbps and from several service configurations so you get a solution that fits your business.
  • Keep It Running. Minimize downtime thanks to superior network technology and multiple restoration capabilities. And with capabilities like Optical Mesh Service you get on-demand reconfiguration and rapid restoral.
  • Here, There and Everywhere. With service available locally, throughout the US and in over 80 counties you get private line service where your business needs it.

Your U.S. business is growing. You need reliable communications between all your locations. Private Line service allows you to connect your enterprise network in a point to point or point to multi-point configuration, depending on the needs of your business. AT&T Private Line service provides secure data, voice and video connectivity, and can provide diverse routing to protect your network assets. AT&T Private Line service is available in speeds from 9.6 Kbps to 9.9 Gbps (OC192) in every geographic region throughout the U.S., including Hawaii, Puerto Rico and the U.S.V.I.

Ethernet Services

Ethernet. A familiar and proven technology. When you rely on the power of Ethernet to connect people and high-bandwidth applications across your business, your network feels the same whether your locations are in another state or across the globe. AT&T Ethernet solutions give you simple, scalable, economical options for meeting your increasing bandwidth demands with metro, wide-area and global Ethernet services.

Ethernet Private Line Service

Dedicated Ethernet for concentrated heavy bandwidth use. If your business has heavy bandwidth between two locations, like Data Center to Data Center File transfers or two large sites (Sales Distribution Center to Accounting), you may require a high bandwidth, reliable, highly secure and cost effective Point to Point link.

Switched Ethernet Service

The AT&T portfolio of Switched Ethernet Services offers simplicity, scalability, flexibility and affordability. One network design does not fit all, so flexible configurations such as site to site, headquarter to branch offices or fully meshed, enable the network to fit your business. The way your business runs applications and interacts is the way Switched Ethernet Service can be configured. Build on your existing architecture, use it for back-up or simply use it for a new, more reliable way to communicate. Switched Ethernet is a shared network arrangement which provides a low cost easy to build solution.

AT&T Switched Ethernet ServiceSM
AT&T Switched Ethernet Service is a switched Ethernet (IntraLATA) offering providing connectivity for customers with multiple locations in a metro area. Configurations include Point to Point, Point to Multipoint, or Multipoint configurations with bandwidth options from 2 Mbps to 10 Gbps.


OPT-E-WAN® allows your multiple locations to communicate with each other across a wide area network; with the control and feel of a local area network.

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